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Virtual reality production has changed the way that companies enhance brands, engage with customers, market products, and connect with followers.


Immersive 360 degree video and CGI transports the viewer to a virtual world, creating endless possibilities for story-driven content and interactive marketing experiences.  Together with our tech partners, we utilize the most up to date VR technology to create stunning 2D and 3D videos from beginning to end. 


We customize camera rigs to capture 360 degrees of video that is then stitched together in postproduction and delivered with interactive FX and graphics in a format that can be viewed on virtual reality headsets – such as Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, and Morpheus – smart phones, tablets, personal computers, and in combination with Google Cardboard. 


The end result creates a true “wow” factor that enable our client to make a lasting impressing on their customers on site, at trade shows, and even directly on-line. 


Justin O'Neill acts as the technical director for World Travel VR, formulating high resolution data workflows and integrating new technologies such as the MoVi camera stabilizer, remote controlled octocopters, and virtual reality experiences into their clients project vision.  Justin formalized workflows and data management for Microsoft’s 2013 and 2014 Visioning projects that shot across multiple states in the US and around the world in France, Switzerland, Vietnam, Taiwan and Australia, while also providing support as MoVi technician and RED Dragon octocopter pilot. In 2014, Justin was part of a team of 4 that shot a series of 12 documentary films for ExxonMobil, starting in Shanghai, then spending a week on a North Sea oil platform off the coast of Norway and finally wrapping up on the plains of Patagonia, Argentina.

Justin has piloted the Skyjib 8 octocopter carrying a RED Dragon camera for clients such as Quicksilver, Qualcomm, Microsoft, Netflix and for feature films shot across Vietnam.

In 2014, Justin joined up with a group pioneering live action virtual reality video for the Oculus Rift and Vive headsets. Last month the company, HypeVR, raised a seed round of $2 million to develop it’s holo video, walk around technology.

His early involvement with RED Digital Cinema company led him to work on some of the first projects shot in 4k.  He is now an instructor for RED Digital Cinema’s “REDUCATION” classes around the world.

Victoria Robertson has traveled the world producing several destination television shows including Platinum Playgrounds (currently airing in the USA on AWE TV) and Across the Pond (shot in 3D for Wealth TV's 3D channel).  She specializes in putting world class production teams together for television entertainment speicals, documentaries,  branding commercials, corporate presentations and virutal reality experiences.  Victoria has produced segments for the Four Seasons hotel in Geneva, Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, Pacific Resorts in the Cook Islands, and Banyan Tree Resorts in Indonesia.  She created special behind the scenes segments for Jaguar and Bentley and was invited to be part of the official media coverage team for the Dubai World Cup.  Working closely with established companies and brokers, Victoria  specializes in creating content for luxury commodities including super cars, yachts, watches, and real estate.  She has worked closely with tourism boards - including Guam, Switzerland and the Cook Islands - to promote  destinations through television specials and branding videos.

Victoria is a copywriter and is frequently included as on-air and voice-over talent.  Her musical background led her to music production where she apprenticed under Grammy winning producers and released two orignal albums of original material.  Both albums were nominated for San Diego and Los Angeles Music Awards.   Victoria is a trained opera singer and performs in concerts world-wide in her "free-time".



Andrei Booriakin is an artist, photographer, and filmmaker who has led all facets of design and content creation in the print, web, film, and video game industries for over 20 years.  During his nearly 2 decades as the Senior Art Director for numerous Sony PlayStation video game franchises, he was deeply involved in the in-house innovation surrounding system level UX and final hardware designs for numerous PlayStation platforms and peripherals. 

From the six axis dual shock controller, to the PS Vita, and finally the PSVR headset, Andrei was either directly involved, or acted in an advisory capacity during their development.  He directly contributed to a Sony patent for a controller peripheral, and was recognized as an “SCEA Inventor” for his contributions in driving innovation within the company.  

After leaving PlayStation, Andrei was the Director of Photography on two documentary projects that have been shown at several film festivals, one of which won best film in the binational category of the San Diego Film Awards and the other can be seen on as a 14 part series.  The trailer for  his current documentary project was well received at it’s initial screening at the San Diego MOPA, and will begin screening in early 2018.

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